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Cette page recense tous les Studio de Design de Scratch, du plus ancien au plus récent. La page n'étant pas complète, vous pouvez trouver tous les SDS ici.

SDS de 2022

Il y a eu 10 SDS différents en 2022.

From vast oceans to swimming pools to the water in the glass at your desk, water is everywhere! ~ Janvier 2022

Scratch 3.0 - SDS - Wonderful World of Water.png

Making a potion, casting a spell, or magically combining two objects into one might seem unlikely in real life, but they certainly are possible to create with your imagination ! ~ Février 2022

Scratch 3.0 - SDS - Magical Mixes.png

Turn up the heat, because it’s time to get cooking! From cookies and crackers, to pasta and pizza, cooking can make foods so different and unique. ~ Mars 2022

Scratch 3.0 - SDS - What's Cooking ?.png

Woohoo! Superheroes have saved the Scratch Design Studios from aliens! But these weren’t regular superheroes, they were Silly Superheroes! ~ Avril 2022

Scratch 3.0 - SDS - Silly Superheroes.png

Pack your bags, grab your tickets, and get ready for an adventure because it's time for a road trip!

Through mountains, forests and beaches to more unusual places such as waterfalls or beautiful lakes. ~ Mai & Juin 2022▶︎ À vérifier

Scratch 3.0 - SDS - Road Trip.png

Shadows surround us every day. They're mysterious silhouettes, but do you know all their secrets? ~ Juillet 2022

Scratch 3.0 - SDS - Silhouettes & Shadows.png

Did you know lots of common items you might interact with daily are made up of materials found under the earth's surface? ~ Août & Septembre 2022▶︎ À vérifier

Scratch 3.0 - SDS - Underground.png

From ancient buildings of the past, through beautiful urban layouts of cities and magnificent palaces and castles, landmarks are everywhere! Landmarks can be quite small, or they can also be monumental, but each one is equally recognizable. ~ Octobre 2022

Scratch 3.0 - SDS - Landmarks.png

Do you know you are surrounded by dots? Dots can be found in every day locations or places you least expect them. You can find them within sentences, in decimals, within art, and in nature. You can spot a dot in an animal’s fur pattern or a blueberry on a bush or even stars in the nights sky. Dots really are everywhere! ~ Novembre 2022

Scratch 3.0 - SDS - All From The Dot.png

From blistering heat, to tornadoes, hail, or hurricanes, extreme weather, while sometimes rare, can be found all around the world. ~ Décembre 2022

Scratch 3.0 - SDS - Extreme Weather.png

SDS de 2023

Depuis la découverte de l'eau sur notre planète, et jusqu'à celle d'une nouvelle étoile ou d'un nouveau remède, il y a toujours eu des découvertes scientifiques ! ~ Janvier 2023

Scratch 3.0 - SDS - Scientific Discoveries.png

D’accessoires de cuisine étudiant à des bouteilles d'eau dansantes devenues amies avec des bouteilles de lait, tout peut arriver si les objets prenaient vie ! ~ Février 2023

Scratch 3.0 - SDS - Living objects.jpg

As-tu déjà eu un rêve vraiment intéressant ? Des rêves fantastiques pûrement bizarre, aux comiques qui font rire sans que l'on sache pourquoi, de ceux qui sont tes secrets, les rêves peuvent être une grande source d'inspiration. ~ Mars 2023

Scratch 3.0 - SDS - Dreams.png


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